Rapport de l'Archiviste de la Province de Québec pour 1924-1925


 About the Book:  publication year: 1925
number of pages: 522
language: French
book format: PDF - BLACK & WHITE

summary: The Archives of the Province of Quebec saw the light of day in 1920 with the inauguration of Pierre-Georges Roy, the first archivist of the province. It compiles and invents a phenomenal mass of historical data. From this compilation a document entitled Report of the Archivist of the Province of Quebec was born. The results of the work on the Quebec archives will appear in this form until 1975. This is the fifth report.


consultation: http://www.patrimoinequebec.ca/Archive/BIBLIOTHEQUE/Rapport%20de%20l'archiviste%20de%20la%20province%20de%20Qu%C3%A9bec%201924-1925.pdf